10 Essentials Long Distance Travel Safety Tips

10 Essentials Long Distance Travel Safety Tips

Things to do before going on long trips:

  • Check your tire air pressure, don't forget to check the pressure of the spare tire. You should review the pressure of your tires when they are cold at least once a week and before long journeys.
  • Tire tread depth should not fall below 1.6mm, the legal lower limit for passenger cars, caravans, and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Always check the external condition of your tires before getting into the vehicle. Bumps into curbs, bumps, and other obstacles can cause invisible damage to the inside of the tires. If you are worried about such conditions, have the tire checked by a specialist. Damages to the tire structure are not suitable for driving safety and require tire replacement.
  • Have your vehicle's brakes checked. Disc brake pads used in many new-generation cars make a high-pitched whistling sound when the pads are worn to the point where they can be renewed. If you hear this sound while driving, take your vehicle to an authorized service center immediately. Always check the brakes for noise and stopping distance.
  • Have the vehicle oil and water checked.
  • Have your air filter checked.
  • Have the A/C refrigerant checked; if it's gone, replace it.
  • Have the steering hydraulic oil checked.
  • Check that the vehicle's headlights are working. Check the stop lamps, turn signals, reverse lights, and interior lamps.
  • Have the battery heads checked.