5 Most Recommended Diet List of All Time
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5 Most Recommended Diet List of All Time

5 Diet Types Included in the Dietary Recommendation List

Everyone in the world has looked at the diet advice lists at least once. This applies to both thin and overweight people. Because not only overweight people do the diet. Unfortunately, this is how it is perceived in society. However, diets are also sometimes made by people who want to maintain their weight.

In addition, dietary recommendations are a separate issue today. Because every day on the Internet, we are faced with different diet recommendations. In this case, it creates indecision about which diet lists people should trust. That's why we've prepared this list for you. Everyone can easily apply the diets in the list we have prepared. However, people with health problems should follow the recommendations of their doctors.

1) Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

Of course, the Dukan Diet is at the top of the list of dietary recommendations today. This diet has become very famous in the world in recent years. But this diet method has been known around the world for more than 20 years. The emergence of this diet type began with the book called “I Don't Know How to Lose Weight,” written by Pierre Dukan.

There are four main topics in this diet. These are the attack phase, cruising phase, the strengthening phase, and the protection phase. Special nutrition programs are included in each of the stages, especially for dietary advice lists. First, meat products, oats, seafood, and eggs should be consumed during the attack phase. This period lasts ten days, and protein intake is prominent.

The cruise phase includes vegetables and protein-based foods, such as corn, potatoes, lentils, and beans. The duration of this phase varies individually.

The purpose of the strengthening phase is to maintain the lost weight. In addition, it should be consumed in vegetables as well as protein-based foods.

The last step is the protection stage. At this stage, frequent walks should be made, and the program should be strictly adhered to.

2) Intermittent Fasting

Intermitten Fasting

Intermittent Fasting can be said to be a type of fasting rather than a type of diet because the basis of this diet is starvation, just like fasting. However, this hunger is determined by the working mechanism of the body. In other words, it is not a diet made between morning and evening like fasting. Again, in this respect, it stands out among the diet recommendation lists.

In this type of diet, it is essential to eat at intervals. The origin of this type of diet goes to ancient times. Because evolutionarily, humans have never had the opportunity to eat so much food. Therefore, long-term hunger conditions, as in those ages, are included in this diet type. It is also known for fast fat burning and accelerating metabolism.

In addition, this type of diet stands out again in terms of recommendations for dieters. Because this type of diet stretches more than others, this flexibility is due to individual metabolic characteristics. However, it is like other diet types in some respects. In this diet, like the others, vegetables and protein-based foods are at the forefront. However, carbohydrate-based foods are not recommended.

3) Zone Diet

Zone Diet

People who are on a diet due to the pandemic period usually follow online diet advice lists. However, this may cause some trouble. First, let's say that all people who want to diet should do this under the supervision of a doctor. However, some types of diets are not so harmful. One of them is the Zone diet. This type of diet can be thought of like a buffet.

In this type of diet, there are not many restrictive things compared to other diets. There are only a few golden rules. One of these rules is to have all kinds of food on the plate. So, your plate should contain approximately the same amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Although these ratios are close to each other and look good, there are some restrictions.

We said that no food is forbidden in the Zone diet. In this respect, it is a type of diet that is frequently encountered in people's diet advice lists. However, it is necessary to focus on specific food groups in this diet. Foods that need to be weighed are usually animal fats and carbohydrates that threaten the body. However, one advantage of this diet is that it helps to keep sugar and animal foods out of your life.

4) Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

Another issue that has come in recent years, especially in western countries, is veganism. In this respect, this issue has also affected people's nutrition. That's why vegan diets have emerged among vegan supporters. This diet has gained popularity quickly because the vegan diet is at the top of the diet advice lists.

No animal products are consumed in the vegan diet. The nutrients found in these foods are obtained from other stuff. In addition, people who follow this diet meet their daily energy from plants. In addition to all these, these are people who want to draw attention to veganism around the world. In this respect, the message of this diet type is also essential.

It is at the top of the diet recommendations. It is also remarkable in this respect. People who follow this diet do not consume animal-derived food during the day. These people eat mostly salad and vegetable dishes in their diet. Again, they stay away from animal fats and dairy products. In addition, vegans meet their energy during the day with nuts.

5) 3+3 Diet

3 + 3 Diet

As you know, many diets should not be done for long periods. The 3+3 diet is one of them. Because when diets are applied for a long time, they can cause irreversible damage to the body. In this regard, they should be done within the scope of the diet recommendation list, especially with the advice of a doctor.

In addition, people who are on a diet want to lose weight immediately. They forget that this is a specific process. That's why they lose their enthusiasm after a while. However, if you want to lose weight quickly in a short time, you can do the 3+3 diet because this diet is a type of diet that is frequently preferred by women who will go on summer vacation. In this respect, it is a life-saving diet.

Especially people who want to lose weight in a short period of 1-2 weeks do this diet. During this period, these people can lose up to 3-4 kilos. This trendy diet, especially in diet advice lists, has some golden rules. These are drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, consuming less sugary and salty foods, and brisk body activities.

A diet that should be applied by those who want to lose 3-4 kilos quickly in 1-2 weeks can vary personally.