All You Need to Know About Skin Problem: Rosacea
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All You Need to Know About Skin Problem: Rosacea

Rosacea is a disease also known as rose disease among the people. This is a skin condition. It usually occurs on the face and cheeks. Patients typically go to the doctor with complaints such as hot flashes and redness. Causes can include psychological stresses and the sun. In addition, extremely spicy and oily foods also cause this disease.

Causes include extremely hot and cold weather and extremely hot-cold drinks. Constipation and sweating are also other causes. In addition, making a very hard pouch and applying chemical peeling are also factors that trigger the disease. Special cleaning lotions are given to these patients as a solution. In addition, particular drugs are given in antibiotics. In addition, moisturizing creams also treat the disease.

Rosacea Causes

Rose disease has more than one cause, although it varies from person to person. These causes can include hot and cold weather. The disease is frequently encountered mainly in the days of seasonal transitions. People often complain about this time of year.

Other cause of the disease includes very fatty and spicy foods. These foods have added to our subcutaneous hormone structure. Therefore, hormonal changes occur. As a result, the order of our skin or skin is disrupted. After this system is disrupted, the symptoms of the rose disease become widespread. Again, after these symptoms, people often complain of this disease.

Another cause of the disease is very acidic drinks or meals. People with this eating habit are also frequently seen. This is related to the acid-base balance of our bodies. Eating highly acidic foods disrupts this balance. As a result, the hormonal structure of our skin is disrupted. Thus, redness and spots begin to form on our skin.

Rose Disease Laser Treatment 

Rosacea Disease

Most people have occasional redness on their skin. But many people don't mind it. Because the causes of this disease are unknown, they will probably give you very different answers if you go to people and ask them what rosacea is. Although this disease is very common, it is not well known. People do not listen to doctors about these issues.

There are many treatment methods for this disease. People who have this disease often think about how to get rid of the rose disease. However, they do not go to the doctor for this and apply their treatments. However, there is more than one type of treatment for the disease. The best known among these is laser treatment.

This type of treatment is the last method applied. Because for most people, more straightforward treatment methods are sufficient. However, in some cases, medical intervention is required. If the disease is very severe or very advanced, these methods are used. That's why doctors use laser treatment as a last resort.

How Effective Is Rose Disease Drug Treatment?

Rosacea Disease

During this disease, many people are treated with creams or pills. Because for most people, such simple interventions are sufficient. However, in some cases, more stringent methods are required. These are methods such as surgical intervention. Thanks to these methods, the course of the disease slows down.

This disease is quite interesting. Because people who get sick usually get over it quickly. This circumstance can be circumvented by medication and surgical intervention. However, there is always a risk of recurrence of the disease. Because this disease is like a chronic disease, it also occurs frequently in other family members. In this case, it makes the disease a genetic disorder.

Although we state that the disease is chronic, this may not be entirely true. Because sometimes rose disease occurs in very different situations. For example, a person whose family does not have this disease can also get this disease because this disease is also dependent on variable environmental conditions. However, rosacea treatment is still an effective treatment.

Who Gets Rosacea Disease?

This disease usually occurs in people over the age of 30. However, when the general population is considered, the incidence is higher in women. This rate is lower for men. In addition, the incidence in children is very low. However, recently, the age of contracting the disease has decreased to 24. Experts attribute this decrease in age to the change of food regime.

These people usually do not go to the doctor and try to overcome the disease on their own. Traditional methods are often used here. In addition, the first question that comes to my mind is the question of what is suitable for rose disease. In this case, it pushes people to seek their methods. This can lead to other, more risky situations.

People who get sick should go to the doctor immediately because our skin and face are essential to body parts. In this case, you should not do anything wrong. That's why it's a good idea to see a specialist. However, there should not be panic here, and doctors' opinions should be applied to the letter.

What Should People Do with Rosacea Disease?

Rosacea Disease

There are things people with the disease can do. Some of these are personal effects. Others are environmental influences. People struggle with the disease both personally and with the help of the environment. In this case, many things need to be done privately.

First, we should protect ourselves from the sun. Regardless of the season, summer, or winter, we should have our sunscreen with us. In other words, rose disease cream is essential for people with sensitive skin. Because the biggest causes of this disease are the rays from the sun, these rays disrupt the structure of our skin, causing redness and vascularization. Thus, unwanted redness occurs in our facial area.

In addition, another method of protecting ourselves is nutrition. We should not consume particularly fatty and spicy foods in our diet. In addition, it should not be consumed in very acidic or sugary drinks because such foods are known to be harmful to the body's hormonal balance. Another way to protect ourselves is to pay attention to our diet.

What should we do for a healthy body?

Rosacea Disease

First, some of these disorders are genetic. So, no matter what you do, unfortunately, you're wasting your time. But don't blame yourself for this because this is due to your mother or father. But they are not guilty either. Because they were exposed to this situation because of their parents. You understand what I mean.

Secondly, it is in our own hands to prevent the disease. Because there are also non-genetic forms of this disease, this shows the results as your skin is sensitive. Also, there are many things you can do at this point. The first of these is to take care of your skin and body. There are many activities for this, from yoga to sports.

Finally, this disease is temporary. Thanks to advancing technology and medicine, there are almost no incurable diseases anymore. So don't bother. However, do not leave yourself because there is a cure. Take regular walks throughout the day. Do not dehydrate your body, especially in summer. Also, even if you have rosacea, always keep a smile on your face.