Blue lips in a baby: Causes and is it serious?

Blue lips in a baby: Causes and is it serious?

Lip bruising in babies is one of the most curious subjects. Although bruising on the lips is considered the precursor of many diseases, it can signify fundamental health problems. Blue lip in newborn babies may be caused by the lungs not yet fully developed. It can be a typical situation, especially in premature births. This should be under the supervision of a doctor.

When parents take babies home, they should constantly monitor the baby and check for breathing. If the baby's bruising has not passed and is breathing hard, he should be taken to a specialist doctor. Blue lips when crying in babies can also be caused by the inability to breathe. In addition, it can also be caused by saliva in the throat. If the baby is breathing hard and fast, he should be taken to the doctor immediately. It is also possible that the dark phlegm may have blocked the throat during crying.

What causes bruising on the lower lip in babies is also among the frequently asked questions. Bruising of the lower lip in infants or bruising on the upper lip in infants can signify some diseases. The presence of a hole in babies’ hearts is a sign that the heart valve is not developed. If the baby gets tired quickly while breastfeeding, it is another sign of a heart problem. In this case, you should go to the doctor, especially for bruising that does not go away. Early diagnosis is of great importance for the health of babies and them to have a healthy life in the future. Blue lips in babies can also be a sign of breath-holding. Colloquially, this is called participation.

What Causes Blue Lips in Babies?

The question of what causes bruising around the lips in babies is among the questions asked by parents. The main reason for bruising lips in babies is the inability to get enough air into the lungs. If enough air is not supplied to the lungs, oxygen delivery to the tissues cannot be achieved. This means that carbon dioxide accumulates in the tissues. As a result, bruising occurs. There are some reasons why babies don't get enough air to the lungs.

It may be due to insufficient development of the lungs in newborns. In such cases, the baby is sent home by the doctor's instructions. The family is told that they need constant supervision. It is also among the instructions to come to the hospital in an emergency. If babies are dark-skinned, sometimes lip bruising can be misleading. In this case, it is necessary to check the nails, tongue, and white part of the babies’ eyes. If there is even the slightest doubt, it is essential to go to the doctor.

Another reason why babies don't get oxygen to their lungs is heart problems. Problems in the heart valve or a hole in the heart cause the baby's lips to turn blue. When babies cry a lot, they develop breath-holding, which is called participation disease. In this case, lip bruising may occur. Another reason is that the baby may have a substance in his throat. To recognize an object, babies try to put it in their mouth and eat it. So they form a schema in their brains about whether that thing is food or not. Adults recognize objects by touch, while infants recognize objects by putting them in their mouths. That's why babies can put everything in their mouths. As a result, small items can get stuck in their throats. Babies are at risk of suffocation in this situation. If there is bruising on the lips, this is the case; It can also indicate a substance left in the throat of babies. In this case, it is necessary to take him to the doctor immediately.