Dark Circles Under the Eye: Causes and Treatments

Dark Circles Under the Eye: Causes and Treatments

What are the Causes Of Dark Circles Under the Eye? How Do You Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently?

Aging is one of the main reasons for the causes of dark circles under the eyes. It is natural for the skin to change with aging. Not having an effective personal care routine can accelerate skin deterioration. There is a similarity between the formation of dark circles and the formation of eye bags. Dark circles can be divided into two general groups according to their causes; color changes due to pitting and color changes due to vascular tissues.

Pitting and vascular tissues are conditions that can be caused by the advanced age factor and living standards. The fat tissue, which forms the lower part of the thin skin around the eyes, becomes thinner due to external factors. Dark circles occur as the fat pads that give elasticity and firmness to the skin under the eyes become weak. The skin drawn towards the eye socket cannot reflect the rays that contact the area. This causes the eye area to appear dark. While there is no color change in the skin, the dark circles result from this pitting.

Vascularization, the leading cause of dark circles, is related to the suppression of thin skin by muscle tissues. This is related to factors that the skin gets thinner under the eye. The muscles under the weakened fat layer typically need to come into contact with the fat layer. However, due to the weakness in the fat pads, the skin is suppressed, and vascular tissues begin to appear. The visible veins under the skin can be considered the cause of dark circles

Do Dark Circles Go Away On Its Own?

If dark circles occur around your eyes, you should not expect them to heal on their own because darkening under the eyes develops within a specific process. If you get dark circles, it isn't easy to reverse this process. Before discoloration starts under the eyes, continuous care should be applied using certain quality products. Before dark circles occur, you can create a care routine for your eye area. If you have regular care habits, the healing time of dark circles will also be shortened.

Dark circles caused by stress, depression, malnutrition, harmful substance use, insomnia, and microbial diseases can be healed by eliminating the relevant factors. However, getting rid of dark circles seen in the middle and advanced age range requires serious skincare. The dark circles after an impact, on the other hand, are caused by the crushing of the eye vessels rather than the dermatological effects. If something hits your eye, the bruise can heal on its own. If the deterioration, eye-bagging, and color differentiation of the skin around your eyes are related to your advanced age or lifestyle, you can benefit from Jeuvenile Cosmetics products.

How to Treat Dark Circles at Home?

Dark Circles cannot be treated with mixtures that can be prepared at home because it is challenging to balance the factor that causes color change and the products to be used. The side effects of various herbs used for homemade masks and cures should not be forgotten. The eye area is amongst the most sensitive areas on the skin.

In this respect, it is essential to use dermatologically approved products. Although it is beneficial to use natural products, it is impossible to determine the effectiveness and side effects of raw materials. It may be safer to use professional Jeuvenile under-eye serums, which you can easily use at home, instead of mixtures that may not have the same effect on everyone. If you want to treat dark circles with homemade skincare methods, your eye may get permanent damage. Various herbs with intense effects carry the risk of directly affecting eye health.

Do Dark Circles Go away in a Day?

Dark circles are a problem that is desired to be treated quickly, as it disrupts the aesthetics of the face. Like every skincare application, an extended period may be required for the care applied around the eyes. The tissue under the skin that gives tension to the skin surface weakens in years, not a few days. Eyecare is also not something that can be completed in a few days. The care to be applied around the eyes has no time. If you do not neglect the eye area in your care, dark circles can be reduced. However, it is not realistic to overcome skin problems in one or two days.

When Do Dark Circle Occur?

Dark circles may appear at different times, depending on your lifestyle and hereditary characteristics. It is easier to see darkening around your eyes from your thirties. Because in this process, the skin's collagen synthesis decreases, the fat tissue loses quality, skin sagging, and pigmentation deterioration may increase.

The use of personal care products of insufficient quality, lack of protection from the sun, excessive stress, and an unhealthy diet can accelerate the process. Avoiding mistakes that can lead to dark circles under the eyes ensure that your skin health can be maintained for a long time. If you do not have a genetic predisposition, it is possible that you will not have a problem with dark circles until your late forties.

A person with an average level of nutrition, personal care routine, living standards, and heredity may experience dark circles after the age of 35 to 40 years. It is also important to remember that color changes around the eyes can be considered normal. You must have a perfect skincare routine by choosing products that are suitable for your skin.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dark Circles?

Dark Circles under the eye can be considered as a sign of illness. Dark circles, especially in young people, may indicate a problem that requires attention. Severe flu, especially in winter, sinusitis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and various organ disorders affect blood circulation under the eyes. Allergic reactions can also darken the eye area, which is very sensitive.

Diseases that lead to discoloration are problems that can affect blood circulation. But not every color change under the eyes indicates a disease. Bad sleep patterns, dark color around the eye due to skin color, and spending a long time in front of electronic screens are also reasons for dark circles under the eye.

If You're Looking For A Solution For Dark Circles, Use Jeuvenile Cosmetics Caffeine Serum

Using a serum under the eyes helps reduce stubborn dark circles and refresh the skin. Jeuvenile skincare serums have 5% caffeine content, allowing collagen bonds to be renewed, fat cushions to be repaired, and color change to be reduced. Jeuvenile eye serum contains caffeine in varying proportions because caffeine brightens the eye area. It is supplemented with caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, which can add vitality to your skin as it speeds up blood circulation. Many peptides, which allow cells to regenerate, repair the skin, and prevent aging. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, which has a moisturizing effect, Jeuvenile serum acts on wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Under-eye serums, which are produced with Jeuvenile quality and filled into 30-milliliter bottles, are suitable for dark circles caused by various factors. You can protect your skin against all different causes of dark circles, from stress to colds, from allergies to asthma. Niacinamide and panthenol, which prevent discoloration and bag formation, will care for your eye area needs. Dark circles and bag formations are controlled by lactic acid and glycolic acid content in the Jeuvenile product.