Everything You Need To Know About Mesotherapy
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Everything You Need To Know About Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure for aesthetic purposes used to treat skin disorders such as skin rejuvenation, regional weakening, or blemishes.

The mesotherapy process acts under the skin and stimulates the necessary points. It is possible to achieve effective results as a result of stimulating structures such as collagen and elastin.

Since the mesotherapy application only affects the area where the procedure is performed, the treatment results are also obtained locally. In the areas where mesotherapy is applied, blood circulation, immune response, and lymphatic circulation are controlled. Thus, the skin structure gets a much healthier appearance. The fact that mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure and provides effective results for skin health ensures that the interest in the treatment method increases day by day.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure introduced by Pistor in 1952. Mesotherapy, which was later accepted as a branch of medicine, is performed by applying mixtures of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes to the middle layer of the skin by microinjection. It offers direct access to regionally targeted points.

The injection mixture to be administered may vary depending on the region and discomfort and from person to person. However, only one component may be present in the injection instead of the mixture. The medicine’s rapid absorption depends on the patient's skin structure, and discomfort prevents possible side effects.

What Does Mesotherapy Do?

Mesotherapy is used for treatment purposes against ailments at many different points. Mixtures applied to the skin accelerate blood circulation and provide a rapid healing process. Mesotherapy method; It offers effective results in treating skin problems such as cracks, wrinkles, scars, and spots. With this practical method, chronic pain can also be relieved.

Mesotherapy is also effective in rheumatic infections and vascular diseases. At the same time, mesotherapy is used for the rapid healing of wounds. Slimming can be achieved with mesotherapy, and it is possible to get rid of regional fats and cellulite with this method.

What is PRP Mesotherapy?

PRP mesotherapy method injects the nutrients and minerals needed by the hair follicles and scalp into the body. In the application where the Platelet Rich Plasma process is used with mesotherapy, the patient's blood is used in the mixture. The blood taken from the patient is first subjected to a unique centrifugation process. This mixture is then enriched to provide high yields.

Mesotherapy provides high success in hair care and treatment. The mixture obtained from the patient's blood and enriched in platelets strengthens the hair follicles and skin. The method, which enables the hidden and weakened hair follicles to be revitalized and achieve the desired appearance, also supports the existing hair strands.

Areas of Application of Mesotherapy

In addition to being a practical and reliable method, there are many areas where mesotherapy is applied that have an apparent effect on specific tissues. The fact that mesotherapy can be used together with different treatment methods allows these areas to expand.

Some of the places where mesotherapy is applied are listed as follows:

  • Facial mesotherapy
  • Under-eye mesotherapy
  • Blemish mesotherapy
  • Skin mesotherapy
  • Eyebrow mesotherapy
  • Lip mesotherapy
  • Hair mesotherapy

For Which Problems Is Mesotherapy Applied?

The mesotherapy method can be applied to many body parts and is preferred in many different situations. Some of the cases where mesotherapy is frequently preferred are as follows:

  • Hairloss
  • Regional thinning and liposuction
  • Revitalizing matte skin texture
  • Removing skin blemishes
  • Giving skin elasticity

How is Mesotherapy Done?

Mesotherapy is done by applying a specially prepared mixture to the middle tissue of the skin by injection. Extremely thin needles are used in this method, which is generally applied to eliminate problems or injuries on the skin. The mixtures applied in this innovative treatment method consist of different minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and plant extracts.

A particular gun can be used during the application of mesotherapy. Since the mesotherapy gun has been specially developed for this process, it has practical use. In addition, needle-free mesotherapy application is also available. In this method, where a particular device is used instead of a needle, the solution is delivered by electroporation.

How to do Mesotherapy at Home?

Mesotherapy can also be done at home, thanks to its application in different ways and its practical completion. To apply mesotherapy at home, it is necessary to decide which method will be used first. You can also apply this treatment with dermaroller, which is one of the most preferred methods.

When choosing a Dermaroller, you can consider the quality of the material, the manufacturer, and the needle size. This cylindrical tool is knitted with tiny needles. After researching the technique you want to apply, you can apply mesotherapy at home and achieve the results you want with this method, which is frequently used on the skin and hair.

How long does the effect of mesotherapy last?

The effect of the mesotherapy method differs depending on the person, the mixture applied, and the body area. You can achieve effective results with the technique used on different body parts to relieve various ailments. However, mesotherapy only affects the place where it is applied any side effects from being encountered.

When Does Mesotherapy Take Effect?

The results obtained in mesotherapy applications vary according to the person and the size of the problem. Factors such as the patient's age and skin structure are also influential on the process. In addition, the region of discomfort also affects the results. Although it depends on different variables, the effects of mesotherapy are generally seen after 2 or 3 sessions.

The effects of the treatment method, which only deals with the point of the problem, become visible quickly. Although it varies depending on the therapy sessions, the results usually become apparent in 1 month. It is essential to complete this treatment method regularly.

When does the swelling go away after mesotherapy?

In some cases, swelling may occur after mesotherapy application. In some patients, this condition on the skin is quite normal. Swelling on the skin, which is not a very serious problem, usually achieves a largely healed appearance within a day. In addition to swelling in the area where the treatment is applied, patients may also feel mild pain for a certain period.

Since it does not have any side effects, care should be taken to avoid an infectious situation in the treatment method preferred by many people. It is of great importance to maintain the hygiene of the area where mesotherapy is applied. However, not being exposed to the sun for a certain period after the mesotherapy procedure allows the body to relax and recover.

Things to Consider After Mesotherapy

There are specific points to be considered after the mesotherapy procedure, which can be applied to different body parts in many different ways. Paying attention to these points is essential to obtain high efficiency from the application and experience a faster recovery process. The main items to be considered after the application are as follows:

  • Before each session, blood thinners should be avoided.
  • After the application session, the application area should not contact water for approximately 15 hours.
  • Forceful movements should be avoided for 48 hours after each session.
  • Make-up should not be applied to the points where mesotherapy is used for about one day.
  • Tight clothes should not be preferred in the area where mesotherapy is applied.