Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal
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Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

1. What is laser hair removal?

Laser epilation is the most healthy and comfortable method of getting rid of unwanted hair, which brings great comfort to the lives of modern men and women. The melanin in the hair root gradually weakens with the heat of the laser light. At the end of a certain number of sessions, it will no longer be available.

2. How is laser hair removal applied?

After the protective gel is applied to the area to be treated, the hair follicles are shot with the gun of the laser device suitable for the hair and skin color, and the hairy area is scanned with a laser.

3. What are the types of laser hair removal devices?

Alexandrite, Ice Laser, and Nd Yag Laser types should be available in a clinic to provide appropriate treatment for hair type and skin color differences.

4. Which is the most effective laser hair removal device?

At the latest laser hair removal technology point, almost all current devices are highly effective systems. To obtain effective results from laser epilation, choosing the right laser suitable for hair type and skin color is essential.

5. What type of hair is the Alexandrite laser suitable for?

It is sensitive to light skin tones and light-colored weak hairs; it is effective on fine hairs that other laser systems cannot see.

6. What is an ice laser, how does it work?

Soprano Ice Ice Laser is an ice laser epilation device that works with a diode laser system. The 810 nm diode laser waves sent by the ice laser used by contacting the skin surface act by burning the hair follicles.

7. Does ice laser hair removal work?

Diode lasers are the most effective type of laser on hair follicles. Soprano Ice allows us to use this highly effective laser painlessly. Ice laser is a sound, result-oriented, user-satisfied hair removal system.

8. Is the ice laser effective on light-colored hairs?

Yes, the ice laser is effective even on fair skin and weak hair.

9. Does the ice laser cut the hairs for sure?

Since it can easily handle thin and weak hairs, ice laser epilation can usually ensure that 90% of the hairs are gone, never to come back.

10. Is the ice laser painless?

Among the laser epilation applications, the most painless system is the ice laser epilation system.

11. What is Nd Yag laser?

Nd Yag laser, which enables us to obtain effective results in cases like dark skin and burn scars that are difficult to work with, is the oldest laser used in medical aesthetic applications. Thanks to the developing technology, Nd Yag laser systems with increased capabilities have been made more comfortable. It is a type of laser that is used to perform laser epilation on dark skin tones.

12. Which laser sees fine hairs better?

Devices working with diode laser and alexandrite laser used in ice laser application are the types of lasers that allow us to achieve the best results on fine hairs.

13. Which is the least painful laser epilation device?

Soprano Ice Laser, Cynosure 5500 Apogee, and Lutronic Clarity are laser epilation devices that minimize pain thanks to their superior cooling systems.

14. Which laser epilation application completely removes the hairs?

The latest point of laser hair removal technology has the effect of removing the hairs to a large extent. However, it is necessary to choose the appropriate device for the hair type and skin color. The fact that competent people carry out the application in a clinical setting and under the supervision of a physician significantly affects the result.

15. Who cannot have laser epilation?

Laser epilation is not performed if there is an open wound or infection in the area to be treated. Laser hair removal is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Laser epilation is not applied to people with chronic skin diseases, epilepsy, or any light-triggered disease.

16. When does the hair fall out after laser epilation?

The duration of hair shedding varies from person to person and from region to region. Alexandrite laser sheds the hairs during the application, and the hairs that grow immediately after are completely shed within 3 weeks at the most. With ice laser and other systems, you will have utterly hairless skin within a maximum of 3 weeks.

17. On which areas are laser epilation applied?

Legs, arms, bikini, genitals, abdomen and belly area, chest, back; neck shaving area and beard area in men, local areas on the face and face in women and men, and laser epilation application areas on the lips in women.

18. Is it harmful to have laser epilation on the face?

There is no scientific evidence showing that laser hair removal has any harm to the skin. There is no harm if the correct application is made and the necessary sensitivity is shown after the application.

19. Is laser epilation in the genital area harmful?

No, there is no harm. Studies have not found any adverse effects of laser epilation on the genital area and reproductive organs.

20. Is there any stain left after laser epilation, is there a risk of burns?

If the necessary sensitivity is shown after a correct application and application, there is no staining. It is essential against the risk of burns and stains to be performed in a clinical setting and under the supervision of a physician.

21. What should be the frequency of laser epilation sessions?

In applications other than the face, the first two or three sessions are done with an interval of 2 months; then, the session intervals are opened because as the treatment progresses, the hairs grow less, weaker, and in a much longer time. Planning is done for the face to take a break of at least 1 month. In the planning created according to the person’s needs, the frequency of hair growth can also be decisive.

22. Are the results of laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal results are permanent. After a few days of removing hair with other methods that cause problems such as ingrown hair, ingrown hairs, acne, it naturally starts to come out. Laser hair removal is a method of getting rid of hair permanently. After the protocol is completed, it is a situation that we expect to see a few hairs appear over the years.

23. How many minutes does a laser epilation session take?

Laser epilation application times are considerably shorter than in the past. With the Ice Laser, hair removal on the whole body can be completed in 45 minutes. In regional applications, these times take as little as 5-10 minutes.

24. Is it possible to get rid of all hairs in one session?

More than one session is needed because not all hair follicles are active at the same time. In each session, active hair follicles are burned with a laser. Thus, it is ensured that the laser light can see all hair follicles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get rid of all hairs in a single session.

25. Why are skin tone and complexion more important than laser hair removal?

The laser light captures the black substance melanin, which accumulates in the hair root, gives the hair its color and burns it. When the skin color is dark, the effect of the laser is reduced because it is difficult for the laser to see this black substance. For this reason, while it is more effective on dark hair roots on light skin tones, it may be less effective on dark or tan skin.

26. What is the secret of success in laser hair removal?

We can say that success in laser epilation is an inevitable result with selecting the appropriate device for the skin color and hair type, the preparation of the protocol needed by the person by the doctor, a careful application using the latest technology devices in a healthy environment.

27. Can I have laser epilation after solarium?

With the Soprano Ice Laser, laser hair removal is possible even after the solarium. It should be added that we also encounter situations where the effect is insufficient depending on the color of the hair follicle.

28. Is laser epilation done on bronze skin?

The Ice Laser device, namely Soprano Ice, can be applied to the tan skin. However, it is necessary to wait at least 1 month after the last sunbathing.

29. Can you apply make-up to the face area after laser hair removal?

It is recommended not to do it if it is not necessary, only the use of sunscreen. For people with sensitive skin types, it may be mandatory not to apply make-up first. After local applications such as upper lip, make-up can be used by the doctor's advice.

30. Is hair caused by hormonal disorders treated with laser hair removal?

Laser epilation can solve the problem of hair growth, but to get rid of hair completely, the hormonal disorder should be treated together with epilation treatment.

31. Is laser hair removal done during pregnancy and postpartum?

Although there is no research showing that laser epilation is harmful to the unborn baby, laser epilation is not recommended or applied during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding periods.

32. What should be considered when having laser epilation?

First of all, an extension must see you. You should determine whether you are suitable for laser epilation according to hair structure and skin color, and you should be informed in detail about which device and what kind of process will be planned.

33. What kind of preparation should be done before laser epilation?

At least three months ago, you must not have used waxing or epilator methods that remove your hair from the root. Coming to your first appointment without interfering with your hair is an advantage in seeing the hair structure. The skin must not have been tanned by recent exposure to sunlight. Apart from these, you do not need to make any other preparations.

34. What does FDA-approved laser hair removal mean?

The Food and Drug Association, the American food and drug administration, is the most trusted certification globally. It has been determined that laser hair removal is not harmful to human health, with FDA approval.

36. Where are the areas where laser epilation is frequently applied in men?

Laser epilation, which finds more and more preference among men with each passing day, is often used for softening and thinning of the hair on the chest and back and sometimes for its destruction. Neckbeards and cheeks above the beard are also popular laser epilation application areas among men.

37. Is laser epilation effective in the chest and back area in men?

Since the hair follicles of men are generally darker in color, laser epilation allows us to achieve very effective results in the chest and back region if light skin is also in question.

37. Is laser epilation done in summer?

Ice laser application can also be made in summer. However, the most suitable season for laser hair removal is winter and autumn.

38. Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a highly safe, FDA-approved system, but what matters is who makes the application for safety. Laser epilation can be used safely as long as it is performed by conscious people under the supervision of a physician.

39. What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Laser epilation removes your skin not only from hair but also from acne and batik scars. You always feel the comfort and confidence of having silky skin. The time and money you constantly spend in your life to get rid of hair with other methods are yours.