Hand Shaking (Tremor) - Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
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Hand Shaking (Tremor) - Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Hand tremors can be a harbinger of some diseases and due to many reasons such as genetics and stress. Hand tremors, seen in at least 3 out of every ten people, can be caused by psychological or physical reasons. The individual who encounters hand tremors should apply to the nearest health institution and go to a specialist physician in the neurology clinic. Here, we have discussed all the information you need to know about hand tremors in this article.

What is Hand Shaking (Tremor)?

Handshaking, which is among the disorders that almost every person will encounter, is known as "hand tremor" in the medical language. Shake; is defined as the involuntary reaction of the muscles in the human body. If involuntary reactions occur in the hands, this is also defined as a hand tremor. Hand tremors can be caused by psychological or physical ailments, as well as by tension.

What Causes Hand Tremor? Factors Causing Hand Tremors?

Hand Tremor

Hand tremor, which occurs with the involuntary movement of body muscles, causes problems for anyone experiencing it. Hand tremor; It is a condition that can occur with the formation of genetic, psychological, and physical disorders. As a result of research, although 80% of people with tremors experience tremors for a short time, the remaining 20% ​​are exposed to this disorder for a long time.

Although hand tremor is caused by genetic, psychological, and physical factors, many other factors cause hand tremor. We can list the factors that cause hand tremors as follows;

The stress of daily life:

Stress can cause many diseases, as well as cause tremors. Suppose you have a stressful day or a job. In that case, you are likely to encounter hand tremors at the end of the day if you can eliminate hand tremors and reduce your stress by constantly walking and doing breathing exercises in the fresh air during work breaks.

Vitamin deficiency and hand tremor:

Vitamins are essential in balancing the health of the human body. Therefore, people must take the vitamins that the body needs daily. Otherwise, it may cause handshaking. In addition to vitamins A, B, and C, magnesium also prevents hand tremors. A glass of mineral water taken daily prevents hand tremors, thanks to the minerals in it.

Prolonged usage of drugs:

Medications used for almost all ailments have side effects, albeit minor ones. If hand tremor is not genetic or chronic, the drugs you use for a long time can cause side effects in you. Therefore, you can change your medicine by consulting your doctor.

How to Treat Hand Tremors?

Hand Tremor Treatment

If your tremor does not go away in 1-2 days, consult a specialist doctor without wasting time because hand tremors can be a sign of a neurological disorder or a more severe disease. The doctor will perform a blood or urine analysis to determine the factors causing your discomfort and apply the appropriate treatment method. And he evaluates your case and prescribes medication accordingly. If the values ​​in your test result are normal and the doctor thinks that the tremor is due to a psychological reason, they may suggest that you rest well or avoid stress.

What Herbs Prevent Hand Tremor?

Hand Tremor Herbs

Individuals who suffer from hand tremors are looking for answers to problems such as what natural herbs are good for hand tremors. Natural plants that are good for hand tremors are as follows;

• Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea helps the human body relax and relieve stress. Therefore, every day, a glass of chamomile tea is good for hand tremors and eliminates it in a few days.

• Rosehip tea:

Thanks to both its taste and the substances it contains, it relaxes the body and prevents all vibrations in the human body. If your tremor is genetic or chronic, it may prevent tremors for a few hours, although it may not cause lasting improvement.

• Mint and lemon:

Mint lemon is known as the most significant source of healing among people. Mint lemon makes the hand tremor pass quickly by causing both the relaxation of the human body and the relaxation of the decision that causes the body to tremble.