Importance of Using Sunscreen - How to Choose a Good Sunscreen For Your Skin Type

Importance of Using Sunscreen - How to Choose a Good Sunscreen For Your Skin Type

Making the right decisions when choosing sunscreen is as essential for the health of your skin as it is for the aesthetic appearance of your skin. Since we can have different skin types, it is imperative that we are not affected by other people's decisions and only prioritize our needs. The choice of sunscreen is a process related to how long you will be exposed to the sun's harmful rays. Because sunbathing on the beach for a long time and going out for a few hours may not require the same degree of protection. Sunscreen options of 90 factor, 50 factors, 30 factors, 15 factors designed to suit different needs are often preferred.

What Does SPF Mean in Sunscreens? What Does SPF Mean?

First of all, it should be known that not all care creams have the same effects. Products that can protect your skin from UVA – UVB rays provide effects at varying rates. For this reason, SPF comes to the fore among the things to consider when choosing sunscreen. This expression, which means "Sun Protection Factor,” is on the packaging of all sun care creams.

Most of the care creams are in the 15 – 50 SPF range. SPF 15 – SPF 30 can provide moderate protection, while SPF 30 – SPF 50+ can provide high-level protection. In addition, products that can meet low-level protection needs have SPF in the range of 5 – 15. SPF ratios show the maximum efficiency that can be obtained from the creams. As this measure increases, the protection of the cream increases. But creams with the highest factor cannot meet all needs. If you use creams with factor 50 and above when high protection is not required, your skin may not respond positively to it.

When choosing a sun protection cream, it is essential to consider the SPF first to protect the skin thoroughly. Routine care is the need of every skin to be protected from the sun's rays. However, not every skin needs the same amount of care. The climate of the city of residence, the rate of lubrication on the skin, the reaction of the pores to sunlight, and the time spent outdoors can guide your choices. Those who want to buy products suitable for their needs, “Which sunscreen should be bought for the face?” They should ask themselves the question first.

If you live in a hot area, the SPF rate of the cream you should use daily will be high. If you live in a low-temperature area but visit a holiday area that gets plenty of sun, the day cream may have a low SPF, and the cream you will use on vacation may have a high SPF. Prices of products vary depending on their weight and level of protection. But conscious users need to focus on function before cost.

Is It a Must to Use Sunscreen?

Everyone can make their own decision about the use of personal care products. However, sunscreen prevents the growth of pores by providing efficiency when the skin is most sensitive. It significantly reduces excessive lubrication, tissue deterioration, and dark spots. The fact that it creates critical benefits in terms of skin health adds privilege to protection creams. If you do not want to be affected by sunspots of various sizes and darkness, it may be beneficial to use sunscreens.

Human skin is not covered with protective hairs as in various animals. Direct exposure to the sun's rays can increase lubrication while accelerating the wear and tear process of the skin. Warts, acne, open and closed black spots, pimples, skin wrinkles are related to excess lubrication. Taking advantage of our sunscreen cream options that can keep your skin's moisture balance at an ideal level offers many benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Sunscreen?

Those who have performed protective skincare while going out to the open are lucky than those who do not care about this application. Because the benefits of using sunscreen are visible, if you want to have smooth and impressive skin, some of the benefits you can get by using a protective cream are:

  • The layers of the skin are protected by reflecting the harmful rays falling on the skin at different angles.

  • High temperature, which can wear out the skin pores, is isolated.

  • While skin lubrication due to sweating is prevented, the moisture level is kept at an ideal level. Since lubrication and drying problems are prevented, skin rashes and inflamed acne do not occur.

  • The most important of the sunscreen benefits is that it protects against skin cancer. Blocking ultraviolet rays, which can disrupt the structure of cells in the skin, reduces the risk of tumorigenesis.

  • While eliminating existing skin blemishes prevents the formation of new blemishes.

  • It can increase skin brightness with its nourishing effect.

  • While there is no harm in using sunscreen cream, there are various benefits. By using our world-famous sunscreens, you can get most of the effects you need.

How to Use Sunscreen?

Creams that can protect the skin against sun rays have many usage details, unlike regular skin care creams. Before you start using protective creams, you can clean your face with tonics and gels of the Jeuvenile brand. By doing so, it is easier for you to increase the effectiveness of the product. At least half an hour before going outdoors, you should not use less while creaming your dry skin. Quantities are essential when it comes to using sunscreen. To use the product for a long time, applying less cream than necessary reduces the efficiency to be obtained.

It is not enough to apply enough cream to meet the protection needs of the face, arms, legs, chest, and back areas. To be adequately protected from harmful rays, it is necessary to refresh once every 2 hours. Contrary to popular belief, protective sunscreens are not only refreshed by immersion in water. Even if you have not swum in the sea or pool, you should take care of your skin again and again by using your protective cream.

Why Refresh Sunscreen? What Happens If Sunscreen Isn't Refreshed?

Refreshing the sunscreen is essential in terms of maintaining the activation of the products on the skin. The defense mechanism of skin cells pushes product chemicals away from the skin. Just a few hours after cream application, your skin becomes vulnerable again. If you have sensitive skin, your risk of developing various skin diseases increases. There are no cream types that provide protection all day, and every cream can't offer one hundred percent protection.

It is essential to refresh your cream to protect your skin and prevent cell damage adequately. Even if you are at home, it is beneficial to pay attention to this detail. If you do not renew your skincare in due time, here are a few problems you may encounter:

  • The skin, which has been protected for a while, is suddenly exposed to harmful rays when the cream effect disappears. As the cells experience trauma, staining can be seen on the skin.

  • The moisture balance of the skin is disturbed. In a short time, it becomes possible to fill the pores with oil.

  • Due to structural effects, the risk of skin cancer may increase.

  • The Best Sunscreens Are Offered To You Through Jeuvenile Brand!

Drawing attention to its wide range of products, Jeuvenile Cosmetics has an essential place among sunscreen brands. You can protect your skin from harmful effects by using anti-spot creams that provide high protection. Lumiskin, Panthenol, and Allantoin ingredients in 50 Factor sunscreen protect your skin. Especially those who have dry skin can overcome this problem if they use our sunscreen continuously.

Sunscreen increases the firmness of the skin while preventing the formation of local sunspots. Vitamin E, which enables skin cells to resist the sun's rays, is a must for sunscreen. This substance gives the skin shine, elasticity, and resistance. Quality sunscreens that moisturize the skin by repairing with glycerine, neutralize bacteria with Oleanolic Acid, have an anti-acne effect, and revitalize the skin with Allantoin can add joy to your holiday. It is possible to observe various benefits by using Jeuvenile sunscreen, which is recommended to be applied 15 – 30 minutes before going outdoors.