Is It Possible to Rejuvenate With Face Yoga?

Is It Possible to Rejuvenate With Face Yoga?

When you see the title, we know that yoga poses come to life in your eyes. For centuries, many people have been practicing yoga for conscious awareness and relaxation, spiritually and physically. In short, we are familiar with what yoga is and what it is for. What about face yoga? Here we are a little unfamiliar with this subject.

This method is a skin rejuvenation method that has become very popular recently. We all know how much yoga relaxes our bodies and soul. Well, is it possible to say the same thing for face yoga?

If you wonder about the answer, continue reading this article where we tell you all about face yoga!

What is Face Yoga?

Starting in our 20s, wrinkles have become our biggest skin problem. Nutrition and sleep patterns, harmful habits, sun rays are just factors that age the skin. We are doing everything we can to prevent premature aging, which is our fearful dream. We use creams, serums, apply to medical aesthetics and skin rejuvenation methods, and much more.

This method is one of the most natural ways you can use to challenge wrinkles. If we define it, face yoga is a skin rejuvenation method that aims to minimize the signs of aging and obtain a tighter and brighter skin appearance by working all the facial muscles.

This method includes facial massage. It is a well-known fact that massaging the skin provides benefits to the skin by accelerating blood circulation. However, massage is not done haphazardly here. Each region is applied with special techniques. Thus, the skin muscles weakened by the use of mimics are gently stimulated by the hands.

In general, it is applied to remove deformations, wrinkles, and sagging in the face, neck, and shoulder areas. Just as yoga relaxes your body and soul, this method also reduces the stress and tension on your face. It relaxes the skin and accelerates blood circulation. Looking at technological screens such as phones and televisions all day creates a specific pattern on our face, and facial muscles become lazy. For younger and healthier skin, you need to train these facial muscles!

What Are the Benefits of Face Yoga?

Before we talk about its benefits, there is one point we should warn about. If you want to see the help of this method, you must continue to practice it regularly and be patient because this method does not give results in a short time.

Another thing we should remind you is that scientific studies are proving the benefits of this method, but they are not very numerous. It will be much more helpful if you are aware of all these and start.

Although there are few scientific studies, the before and after face yoga images shared by those who do face yoga show that the method works.

Face yoga benefits;

  • It works the muscles and softens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It collects sagging, prevents their formation.
  • It improves the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation.
  • It tightens the skin and gives it a brighter, healthier appearance.
  • It reduces headaches.
  • Reduces teeth grinding problems.
  • Provides fuller skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of tired eyes.
  • It relieves swelling of the skin.
  • It makes you feel happier psychologically.

Scientific Studies on Face Yoga

In such methods, we immediately look for scientific evidence. The proven benefits are significant, of course.

A 2018 study looked at the benefit of reducing signs of aging in middle-aged women with a 20-week facial exercise program. Participants aged 40-65 received training from a certified facial yoga instructor. Then they did facial yoga exercises for 30 minutes a day for 8 weeks. Then they continued to do it 3-4 times a week until the 20th week.

Approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board.

The participants were delighted with what they achieved at the end of the period. Many of them saw improvements in their faces. It has been observed that they have fuller skin.

Also, in 2018, a study examined the benefits of this method in improving the mental health of the elderly. Participants did 30-minute facial exercises twice a week for 12 weeks. Breathing exercises were also included in these sessions.

As a result, positive developments regarding mental health were observed.

Finally, a 2014 study examined the benefits of facial exercises and facial yoga for skin rejuvenation. Some feel that this research remains somewhat subjective.

Participants feel that their facial appearance has improved.

Is There Any Harm To Do Face Yoga?

As long as it is practiced correctly, face yoga is harmless. Like every method, this method has specific rules. If you try to practice it as you wish, things may go wrong, and you may do more harm than good. It will be healthier to follow the people who have been trained in this subject.

Of course, some people have different opinions on this matter. These people think that working out the muscles with face yoga increases wrinkles instead of reducing them.

How to Do Face Yoga?

This method is applied to specific areas with particular facial yoga movements. Areas such as the forehead, around the eyes, around the lips, neck, chin, and jowl are studied separately.

Wrinkles around the lips

We also know these lines as "smoker lines,” that is, "cigarette lines.” You can inflate the balloon to remove lines and wrinkles in this area. This is one of the most straightforward moves you can make.

Wrinkles around the eyes

For this area, it is necessary to put the index fingers on the end of the neck and the thumbs on the cheekbones and pull them. It would help if you pulled your index fingers up and your thumbs down.

We gave examples of wrinkles around the lips and the eyes. But the best thing to do is to do it with a face yoga instructor. Of course, you can also choose face yoga books instead of a trainer. Apart from that, there are many workshops where you can get training for this method. Of course, during the pandemic period, we all prefer online training.

How Many Days A Week Is Face Yoga Performed?

There is no clear answer to this question. You can determine how many days a week you will do it yourself according to your daily routine. Instead of doing it every day, you can rest your facial muscles once a week. It would help if you did it at least 3 days a week to see the benefits. It will be enough to do it for a maximum of 30 minutes a day in the morning or evening.

Medical Aesthetics or Face Yoga?

What is face yoga and what is not? We explained everything. We can end our topic with a final title.

Getting medical aesthetics or doing yoga is entirely dependent on your lifestyle and wishes. Medical aesthetics is an area that is proving its success day by day, especially in rejuvenation. With Botox, fillers, mesotherapy, and many more applications, you can achieve the skin you want quickly.

Everyone strives to age well and have healthier skin. Some prefer medical aesthetic applications, while others are afraid of having such procedures on their face and prefer natural and lengthy processes. If you want a faster and more effective solution, of course, it would be appropriate to turn to procedures such as botox and fillers. But if such systems frighten you if you say that I am patient as long as I get the most natural result, then face yoga is just for you.