Postpartum Itching and Rashes - Causes and Treatments That Work

Postpartum Itching and Rashes - Causes and Treatments That Work

Itching and rashes are very typical situations after birth. The mother's body, which is faced with many physiological changes during pregnancy, reacts with minor itching at certain times of pregnancy and after delivery. If postpartum itching and swelling are more than usual, you should seek help from a specialist. This will allow you to relieve the itching and rashes you have experienced and enable you to live your life normally.

What Causes Postpartum Itching and Rashes?

In general, postpartum itching and rashes, which are so uncomfortable that mothers cannot even sleep or sit, disappear spontaneously within a certain period. This itching and rashes are not a big problem for both the mother and the baby. When these itches become unbearable, they can be a sign of different problems.

Among the causes of postpartum itching and swelling, first of all, the bile salts in the liver move away from their ordinary course during pregnancy and accumulate under the skin. These itching and swelling, especially in the last four months of pregnancy, generally pass after delivery. However, in some cases, mild itching continues after birth. These reactions, which are very typical situations, disappear with simple precautions. Due to pregnancy, the bile flow in the liver begins to slow down. It progresses from the liver to the subcutaneous tissue and accumulates under the skin. This condition is called pregnancy cholestasis.

Itching and blistering during and after pregnancy can sometimes be much more disturbing. The causes of postpartum itching and rashes:

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Increase in Progesterone and Estrogen Hormone
  • Skin Diseases such as Eczema or Psoriasis During Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-Based Skin Stretch Marks
  • Pregnancy Urticaria
  • Viral Hepatitis
  • Food Allergies
  • Drug Use

For the reasons written above, itching or blistering occurs before and after birth. Knowing the causes of postpartum itching and blistering helps in choosing a more straightforward recovery method.

How To Relieve Postpartum Itching and Rashes?

To eliminate itching and rashes that started after birth, some straightforward methods should be applied. These are;

  • Instead of wool and synthetic fabrics that increase itching, clothes made of natural healthy fabrics such as 100% cotton or linen should be worn. Also, tight clothing should be avoided.
  • The postpartum mother's environment should always remain calm.
  • After the shower, moisturizers and creams that reduce itching should be used.
  • Warm showers should be taken frequently, and thus relaxation should be created on the skin.
  • Compressing the itchy area with a cold, wet cloth or ice block,
  • Using Aloe Vera extract has soothing properties for many skin problems.

If itching does not relieve after these applications, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist.