Relationship Problems During COVID-19 & Quarantine - How to Solve Them
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Relationship Problems During COVID-19 & Quarantine - How to Solve Them

Managing the changing human relations in the quarantine may seem inextricable from time to time. But this is quite normal in the current time. We are often alone with ourselves in our daily lives, even if we don't realize it. Loneliness should not be thought of as just a time when no one is around. We are alone while drinking coffee alone in a crowded place, jogging on the beach on Sunday, commuting between home and work and school. These are times when we can get away from our problems or think with a clear head, and thanks to these moments, we relax.

With the introduction of the coronavirus into our lives, there have been dramatic changes in almost every aspect of our lives. During the quarantine period, many people began to work from home, and children received education at home. Families began to spend time together at all hours of the day in a particular area. While such significant changes affected many areas of our lives, our relationships also took their share from this change. The record number of divorce applications after the end of the quarantine in the world is an essential indicator of this.

How Are Relationships Affected During the Quarantine Period?

Relationships, like many things, are going through a tough test during the quarantine period. Some couples experience mild tremors, while others tremble more deeply. Are only problematic relationships or those at the very beginning of the relationship affected by this period? Of course not. The coronavirus and quarantine period bring many problems. For this reason, married for ten years and long-standing relationships also get their share from this period. So, what can we do to manage the changing human relations in quarantine?

Spending more time together at home due to quarantine causes couples to face situations that they previously ignored and could be a big problem right now. Issues that were not even aware of before are becoming insurmountable these days. Because it is independent of the issues that exist in the relationship; Uncertainty, financial matters, business problems, future anxiety, fear of illness also increase intolerance in relationships and cause various issues. E.g., studies show that sexual desire decreases during periods of intense stress and anxiety, such as in this period.

We cannot say that the quarantine period only negatively affects relations. Being together against a common danger brings couples closer and strengthens the relationship in the same way. Overcoming things together strengthens the bond. However, it is necessary to realize the wearing effects of the period. So, how can we ensure that our relations come out of the quarantine period with the least damage?

What Should Be Done to Manage Changing Human Relationships in Quarantine?

1) Find a mutual activity

Use this period as an opportunity to spend time together. Find an everyday activity that you both enjoy doing. Together you can improve your culinary skills, do sports, meditate, or improve your movie archive.

2) Get individual pursuits

It's just as important to find hobbies that you can do on your own and do something in common with your partner. Staying at home together doesn't mean you have to spend every second together. Continue with your previous individual activities. Watch the only TV show you watch, listen to the podcasts you used to listen to on the way to work, read your book, or keep doing whatever works for you.

3) Set your boundaries mutually

Borders, one of the most basic needs of every relationship, become even more critical in this period. Being together every second, the fact that many things such as work life and home life are intertwined can cause the boundaries to be violated. It would be beneficial for you to sit down and determine your private areas in this process.

4) Respect each other's desire to be alone and their boundaries

Just because your partner wants to be alone or does an activity separately from you doesn't mean they have a problem with you or don't want you. Before the quarantine, remember that you both have separate occupations and private areas from each other.

5) Continue your social interactions.

Do not neglect to talk to your friends, family, and social circle, even by the phone. Social interaction will help you get away from the environment and distract your mind by sharing something with your friends.

6) Don't try to read each other's minds.

It is a well-known fact that no one can read the minds of the other person. While you think that your spouse is angry and thoughtful because of something you said at dinner, your spouse may still be fighting with the person he was arguing with during the shopping. Ask this clearly before making inferences about what's going on in your partner's head. This way, you avoid misunderstandings.

7) Do sports exercises

Exercising during the day is as necessary for your form and health as it is for you to relieve stress, tension, and relaxation.

8) Make plans for the future and dream

Having plans and hope for the future will help you hold on to the present more tightly and ignore the current setbacks. You can hug today together with the goals you made with your spouse.

9) Realize the difficulty of the process itself

Remember that you are going through an unusual period, and the tensions experienced during this period can be considered normal. Remind yourself that you may see many of the problems you face as more significant because of the anxiety and fear experienced.


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