Skin Whitening At Home - Homemade Masks

Skin Whitening At Home - Homemade Masks

The skin can sometimes change color as a result of some factors it encounters. So, how is skin whitening done after this color change and spots?

People of all skin types want to have a healthy, bright, and beautiful skin appearance. However, due to some reasons and precautions not taken, browning may occur in some skin regions. Especially in the armpit and genital area, darkening or darkening occurs. Darkening in the genital area is more common in women after pregnancy. The use of wax, aging, and sun rays are among the factors that increase the darkening of the skin and sensitize the skin.

Since the spots on the skin do not create a visually pleasing image, they cause uneasiness in both men and women. These parts of the body are desired to be closed and hidden. Several methods are used to equalize the skin tone, eliminate acne scars and give the skin a brighter appearance. The use of concealer cosmetic products increases, especially against the spots and darkening on the face. This makes it inevitable for the already sensitive skin to become more acute.

What is Skin Whitening?

Skin-whitening is the process of bleaching the regional color tone darkening that occurs in the skin over time or due to some processes.

In the skin structure, there is the "melanin" pigment, which gives color to the skin and the hair, and eyes. The amount of this pigment determines the color of the skin. The main goal of the products and techniques used for the whitening process is to make the skin brighter and smoother by reducing the level of melanin in the skin. In line with this goal, skin whitening methods bring the darkening of the skin, which has become permanent under the skin, to the desired point with appropriate interventions. With skin whitening, the skin has a bright appearance, and the skin tone is equalized.

Thanks to the skin whitening application, you can eliminate stains that you are uncomfortable with and make you unhappy, and you can continue your life more happily.

What Should Be Done for Skin Whitening?

If you are bothered by the blemishes on your skin, and the blemishes cause an uneven appearance on your face, you can start researching the most suitable skin whitening methods for your skin.

You can use medical methods for skin whitening. Skincare treatments such as Baby Face Beauty and Hydrafacial even out the color tone and lighten the skin tone. Not only skin blemishes, but those with dark skin due to regional or cultural factors can also lighten their skin colors with the bleaching processes offered by medical methods.

In addition, the laser is a method that helps lighten the color tone in the darkening of the skin. Lightening with the laser takes about 15-20 minutes and can be repeated at regular intervals when needed. The skin whitening process applied with laser eliminates acne scars, scars, and wrinkles.

If you are going to prefer medical methods, be careful! You should have your medical procedures to whiten your skin, not in sunny weather but cool and cloudy weather. If you have done such a procedure in sunny weather, you must use sunscreen with a high protective feature.

Things to do to protect the skin against stains and whiten the skin can be listed as follows:

Protection from Sun Rays:

When the sun's rays are dangerous for the skin, going out without sun protection undoubtedly causes hyperpigmentation, which means an increase in spots on the skin. This darkening of the skin leads to the formation of permanent spots in certain areas. To prevent this situation, at least SPF 50+ sunscreens should be used to protect your skin from the sun, especially in summer. Appropriate clothes and hats can be preferred to protect from the harmful effects of sun rays. At the same time, sunglasses that protect from UV rays should be worn.

Precautions should be taken by considering environmental factors:

For the skin to maintain its lively and healthy structure, environmental factors must also be considered. Air pollution, dusty or smoky places, seasonal changes, and areas with low oxygen levels are environmental factors that prepare the environment to form skin spots. Therefore, try to stay away from these areas as much as possible.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Should Be Considered:

Having a healthy body affects the health of our skin. So much so that a balanced and regular diet is at the beginning of the steps to be taken to make the skin brighter and smoother. Drinking plenty of water also helps to remove the uncomfortable images on the skin. Before applying skin whitening methods, a healthy diet, regular sleep, and lifestyle should be regular.

Products suitable for skin type should be preferred:

For the products you prefer to whiten your skin to give effective results, you need to use products suitable for your skin type. Since the content of each product may differ, you should know your skin well and choose a product accordingly. Likewise, before purchasing products such as skin whitening cream, you should research the ingredients and choose options that do not irritate the skin and do not show an allergic reaction.

How is Skin Whitening Mask Made?

Skin whitening masks are made in skincare salons with serums containing especially vitamin C. Vitamin C nourishes the body from the inside and provides a healthier appearance.

Skin whitening masks are used to get rid of the color tone of the skin, regional spots, darkening in the knee, arm, underarm and genital areas. Skin whitening masks, which have become very popular, promise to achieve the bright and white skin that everyone dreams of.

In addition, mask applications can be made practically at home with natural materials to whiten the skin. Masks, which are very easy to prepare, are advantageous as they can be reapplied regularly at home.

How To Do Skin Whitening At Home?

The cost of skin whitening masks made at home, and the number of materials used is low. For this reason, readily available materials in every home make skin whitening at home accessible. Lemon, rice mask, yogurt mask, egg white, and turmeric are natural skin whitening methods.

1) Skin Whitening with Lemon:

Lemon is very effective on its own in skin whitening due to the acid effect it contains. For skin whitening with lemon, cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. Apply to your previously cleansed skin with a tampon movement and rub thoroughly. After waiting for about 30 minutes, wash your skin with warm water. This method will help lighten your skin tone.

2) Skin Whitening with Rice Mask:

Rice water is needed to make a rice mask, which has an effect that removes skin blemishes and rejuvenates the skin. Washing the face with rice water and making it a routine removes dark spots on the skin, renews the skin, and shrinks the pores thanks to its collagen.

3) Skin Whitening with Yogurt Mask:

Yogurt is beneficial for the skin when consumed as food or when applied as a mask. If you mix yogurt with lemon juice and honey and leave it on your face for 30 minutes, you will see that your skin tone is lighter and your skin spots are reduced.

Let's move on to another method. Mix and apply after brewing 1 teaspoon of thyme in water, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. After waiting for about 30 minutes on your face, wash with warm water and repeat 1-2 times a week.

4) Skin Whitening with Egg White:

Egg white is perfect for the skin. Therefore, it is very effective in skin whitening methods. In the skin whitening process with egg white, the egg white and yolk are carefully separated. The white part of the egg is whipped in a bowl and applied to not come to the eyes and lips, and it waits for 10-15 minutes. If you wish, you can add lemon juice and honey to increase the effectiveness of this recipe.

5) Skin Whitening With Turmeric:

Turmeric also has a whitening effect on the skin. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder, wheat flour, and fresh lemon juice to make a paste. Apply the mixture to your skin and wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.

Although these skin whitening masks made with homemade ingredients are natural, it is recommended that people with sensitive skin types be careful. It will be healthier to get expert advice first in whitening the spots on the skin and removing the dark spots.