Step by Step Guide For Face Cleansing

Step by Step Guide For Face Cleansing

Skincare is the basis of a smooth and healthy skin appearance. The most crucial stage of skincare is cleaning. Face cleaning, neck cleaning, hand cleaning are evaluated in this category. Suitable skin care products for cleaning are essential for proper skincare. While caring, products that will cause allergic reactions, acne, and redness should be avoided. When skincare is done in certain stages, high efficiency is obtained.

  • Skin cleansing,
  • Tonic use,
  • Regional applications,
  • Serum application phase,
  • Moisturizing and applying masks,
  • Eye area applications,
  • Skin massage,

Skin cleansing purifies the skin from oil, make-up residues, dirt, and dead skin. The cleaning process is done with facial cleansing gels, natural soaps, and micellar waters. Skin cleansing should be done before care and before going to bed at night to remove make-up/daily dirt.

Two-phase cleaning products, make-up removal wipes, and make-up cleansing water can be used to remove make-up. After the make-up removal process, the first stage of cleaning is completed by using face wash products. During face cleaning, fast and complex movements should be avoided, and gentle cleaning should be done. After the first layer of the skin is cleaned, peeling is performed to purify the dead skin and clean the dirt that settles in the pores.

Although the tonic application is often skipped, the tonic is effective for a healthy skin appearance. The use of tonic contributes to tightening the pores of the skin and making the skin look smoother. The skin type should make a tonic selection. There are many products in facial cleansers and toners that can be harmful. Consideration should be given to the use of natural products in the cleaning process of the face, which is a sensitive area.

Learn Your Skin Structure for Facial Cleansing

When choosing a facial cleansing product, you need to know the structure of your skin. You may have oily, dry, or combination skin. If you have an oily skin type, the tonic you should choose should not contain oil. If you have a dry skin type, care should be taken that the tonic content is moisturizing. Products with a moisturizing effect and low oil content should be preferred for sensitive and combination skin types.

The use of tonic with natural ingredients will not cause problems on the skin. The alcohol content in toner products can cause skin damage. Products that are supplemented with vitamins and that do not contain chemicals should be preferred.

After Facial Cleaning, regional applications are also made on the skin. Problem-oriented care products can be used on acne-prone and acne-prone skin and blemished skin. Today, the use of serum is among the skincare routines to make the skin shine and shine. These products, which have a high concentration, can be applied with different content according to the skin’s needs. It has varieties such as anti-wrinkle, moisture balance, rejuvenation effect, brightening, vitamin C-fortified. Skincare serum can be used before moisturizer. The use of Dermaroller plays an active role in the production of collagen in the skin. It activates the subcutaneous tissues and provides revitalization of the skin. Dermaroller should be used on clean skin and should be cleaned before and after each use.

Choose the Right Facial Cleansing Products

Skincare at home is effortless and comfortable with the use of the right products. Facial cleansing can also be done at home with natural skincare products. During the moisturizing process, attention should be paid to the use of natural skincare cream, selecting the appropriate moisturizer for the skin type, and the correct amount of moisturizing process.

Use Facial Cleansing Masks

Another skincare routine is the use of masks. There are masks suitable for every skin type, and their selection is essential. A clay mask for oily skin makes the skin look more matte, cleans, and moisturizes the skin. After the show is applied to the skin, it waits for 5 to 10 minutes. It is applied to the skin with slow and gentle movements and washed after waiting. The mask should be used before applying moisturizer. Masks with cream and moisturizing ingredients should be applied for dry skin. It can also be applied as an anti-wrinkle if its content is enriched. It is more suitable to use a natural gel mask with aloe vera for sensitive and combination skin.

Another type of mask used in the face cleaning phase is the Peel-off mask. On the other hand, this mask cleans the skin by removing the dead skin from the skin and giving it clarity. The application of these masks is to remove them by applying with a brush or by hand and peeling off after waiting 5-10 minutes. After the mask application, a moisturizer suitable for the skin type can be used. Moisturizer may not be preferred due to the moisturizing effect of some masks. Today, one of the very popular skincare products, sheet masks, are frequently used.

During Face Cleaning, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the eye area. The eyes are the most sensitive part of the face, and the cleaning products used can cause damage around the eyes. Products used for facial cleansing can also be used to clean the eyes, but instead of applying directly, they should be applied gently with a cotton ball and cleaned. As a result of not cleaning the eye area correctly, it can cause redness, wrinkles, and wear around the eyes. This damage may take time to heal later. Some products are only used for cleaning around the eyes.

For moisturizing around the eyes, care should be taken to use natural moisturizing products with high moisture content. Coconut oil, argan oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil can be used as natural products.

Skin Care Routine After Face Cleansing

Care should be taken that masks containing moisturizing ingredients used after facial cleansing do not come around the eyes. Natural masks can be applied around the eyes as well as to the face. The most used moisturizing masks are; egg masks, chamomile tea masks, yogurt masks. Incorrect methods applied around the eyes cause damage such as wrinkles and redness. Recovery cannot be achieved immediately after these damages occur. For this reason, it should be ensured that the correct method is used before each application.

It is essential to use natural cosmetic products after Facial Cleaning. The use of natural cosmetic products does not cause damage to the skin caused by materials with chemical components. It provides the desired appearance without disturbing the natural functions of the skin. Products with natural ingredients are produced from unique materials offered by nature and provide a higher quality image. It can be used safely because it does not contain additives.

Care should be taken to ensure that there is no paraben chemical, a protective material, in the content of cosmetic products used to protect skin health. Accumulation of this chemical on the skin after make-up can cause permanent damage to the skin. Therefore, it is essential to clean the skin after make-up and regularly take care of it. Before make-up, skincare should be done to make the makeup look more beautiful and impressive. After the facial cleansing and skincare stages, skin massage should be applied regularly to have younger and fuller skin.