We Must Accept Our Sexual Problems
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We Must Accept Our Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

The long-standing struggle to talk about sexual problems started to yield the results we expected. Although sexuality has not been taboo yet, we have entered a period in which it is understood that sexual health problems, like other health problems, should be consulted with a specialist. It is pleasing to our social consciousness that the distance we have covered in this regard is gradually increasing. Moreover, knowing that the treatment of these problems is possible has the effect of eradicating possible psychological problems.

The most obvious difference between men and women; is men's perception of sexual problems as a loss or defect in their masculinity and difficulty in confronting them. Of course, the fact that men are raised by being exposed to comments and jokes about their sexual power, that the state of comparison begins at a young age and that the burden of perfection is imposed on them is also very effective. If women; In particular, sexual life is on track and the man is ready to take the responsibility in order to meet his expectations from the very beginning. Because, from childhood, they are brought up by making the man believe in their obligation to maintain the relationship and marriage by satisfying the man in marriage.

Therefore, the approaches of women and men to sexual therapy are shaped as a continuation of these thoughts. You can guess that men are not as keen on therapy as women. You can imagine how difficult it is at first to open up to a female therapist. However, some of the men also take shelter in female therapists more easily with the thought that their sexual power can be compared with their own strength by the male therapist. Regardless of the therapist's gender, this is unfortunately still a difficult stage in our country.

Any guesses as to what are the most common sexual problems in men and women? Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, sexual reluctance, and vaginismus in women are among the most common sexual dysfunctions. Many of these problems are rooted in past traumas, common traditional understandings, and childhood dilemmas. Therefore, our communication with our children, the support we give to their development during adolescence, and the space we open for them to recognize their sexual identity and gain knowledge are much more important than we think. It should not be forgotten that sexual education is not old enough to have the knowledge, love, and respect to answer their questions and guide them correctly.

No woman or man should act for the sole purpose of satisfying their partner. Because individual happiness and pleasure are indispensable for a good relationship. Regardless of your age, all sexual problems you experience are normal, have identifiable causes, and a very important part of them has a solution. Talk to your partner about all the sexual problems that you are aware of and reach a specialist for a solution. Because life is short to live without pleasure and you should not sacrifice tomorrow.