What is an Air Filter? What Does It Do?

What is an Air Filter? What Does It Do?

Most of the vehicles used in the world work with a working system called internal combustion. Although there are different internal combustion engines, the energy generated by the ignition of the fuel and air mixture works by converting it into motion energy. In the direction of this energy, the vehicle is provided to move. Just as fuel and pistons have an essential role in the vehicle's movement, air also has a necessary contribution to the operation of the engine. At this point, the importance of air filters increases and affects the performance of the vehicle.

What is Air Filter?

Air filter ensures the ignition of the fuel, as well as cleaning the air. In this way, cleaner air is provided to the vehicle and particles, or other harmful substances are prevented from entering the engine. Air filters used in cars in recent years are generally paper element filters. There are also performance air filters. With a precision of 5 microns, this air filter filters even tiny parts and helps to maximize vehicle performance.

What Does an Air Filter Do?

The air filter, which enables the vehicle engine to operate more systematically and with higher performance, is one of the essential parts of the vehicle that affects its engine and power. The air entering the engine in line with the energy of the vehicle's movement is cleaned by the air filter and contributes to the more effective operation of the system. Other prominent features of air filters are:

• Particulate entry into the vehicle's engine is prevented. Thus, it is ensured that the vehicle operates in a healthier way and shows the desired performance.

• The air filter filters particles and harmful substances that may enter the engine and helps to ensure regular air intake to the vehicle.

• Torque and horsepower can be quickly produced in the amounts targeted by the vehicle.

• Since the vehicle is ensured to move ideally, there is no need to press the gas too much. Thus, a standard level can be achieved in fuel consumption.

What Causes Air Filter Failure?

The air filter, which ensures that the air entering the vehicle in internal combustion engines is at the desired level, also prevents harmful substances from entering the engine. This ensures that the vehicle engine runs smoothly. However, in case of deterioration of the air filter, the vehicle will not operate at the desired level. The most important reasons for this are that the air filter has not been cleaned for a long time or the filter has expired. In such cases, it is recommended to seek help from the nearest technical service, as air filter failure may occur.

How to Identify Air Filter Failure?

When the vehicle's air filter fails, sufficient air will not be supplied to the engine. In this case, the usual response when pressing the accelerator pedal does not occur, and the vehicle's acceleration takes a much longer time. In addition, more fuel consumption than usual may occur since the combustion will not be at the expected rate. You should have your vehicle checked by the technical service and have the air filter cleaned when you encounter such situations. If the problem cannot be solved by cleaning the filter, the only solution is replacing the air filter with a new one.