What is Aphtha? Causes & Treatment
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What is Aphtha? Causes & Treatment

Many people are curious about the aphtha treatment process because of the aphthae in their mouths. Therefore, this topic has become very popular in recent years. Also, this popularity has brought with it a few good features. There is more than one method in the treatment of aphthae. However, we would like to emphasize that you should go to your doctor first.

The drugs that are generally used in the treatment of aphthae are the drugs known among people. They are not precisely drugs. Because the materials in these treatment methods are probably the materials we all have at home, many people know about them. However, many people do not know anything about this subject. Then, first, we should not explain what aphtha is.

What Is Aphtha, Why It Occurs, and What Are the Types of Aphtha Treatment?

Aphtha Treatment

What we call aphthae is small white dots that form inside our mouth. These tiny white dots can be frustrating and hurtful. In addition, canker sores can be seen in all people. That is why this disease is common among humans. However, there are some questions in people's minds about why this disease occurs.

One of the most important reasons for the formation of aphthae is the neglect of oral hygiene. If you are not brushing your teeth enough, you need to be ready for aphtha treatment. Another reason is the consumption of extremely hot and cold drinks. In addition to these drinks, excessive consumption of fatty, sugary, and acidic foods also causes aphthae.

In addition to all these, infection and stress can also trigger aphthae. Especially in winter, when your immunity drops, you can get sick. Therefore, aphthous treatment may suddenly become your area of ​​interest. However, even if you do not have any disease, stress is also significant in this regard. A factor that bothers you in your daily life can also cause your body to react in this way.

What Is Good for Aphthous Wound and How Should Aphthous Treatment Be?

Aphtha Treatment

There are many different treatment methods for mouth sores, known as aphthae, among the public. Almost all these treatments contain other materials. The materials required for the treatment of this aphtha can often be found in our homes. Some of these materials are sugar, vinegar, thyme, cloves, baking soda, and saltwater.

First, let's start with saltwater from these ingredients because salt water is the essential cleaning tool for wounds in the mouth. Because it prevents the formation of intense bacteria and viruses. For this reason, salt is good not only for sores but also for viruses such as herpes. If you cannot brush your teeth, you should gargle 1-2 times with saltwater for all these reasons.

Apart from saltwater, thyme and cloves are also very important among the products on our list. Thyme helps to clean mouth sores with its antioxidant properties. However, it should be passed in the mouth without swallowing. In addition, clove is a product that we often encounter in aphthous treatment prescription lists because it has an effect like thyme and helps relieve the pain caused by wounds.

What Should I Do for Aphthae in the Tongue?

Aphtha Treatment

There are many areas where canker sores can come out in the mouth. However, the most common sites are the tongue and throat. Therefore, there are different treatment methods in these regions. In addition, this aphtha treatment is very sensitive to drug methods. Thus, natural methods are preferred. One of them is to put sugar on the aphthae area.

Yes, candies that are in every home can be a lifesaver for the treatment of this wound. However, there is a point to be warned of here. Sugar should be applied only to the areas on the tongue, not inside the mouth. Therefore, in this treatment, attention should be paid to excessive sugar consumption. In addition, teeth should be brushed after this method.

Another method of aphthae treatment for aphthae in the tongue is vinegar. We know that you all adore vinegar because of its strong smell. However, even if you do not like vinegar, it is helpful to use it on this wound. Because vinegar is a natural antibacterial, therefore, it will be perfect for wounds on the tongue. It will be enough to close your nose and turn it in your mouth without sniffing.

Which Treatment Method Is Good for Aphthous Throat?

Aphtha Treatment

As we said before, canker sores do not occur only on the tongue. The throat is one of the places where these sores can be seen. An incredibly sore throat can be annoying. Because even if you drink the smallest amount of water, this will disturb you. Therefore, there are some things you should pay attention to at this point. The foremost of these is to give importance to oral and dental hygiene.

In addition, liquid treatments are usually used to treat aphthae in the throat. Because at this point, it is not a good idea to put products like cloves or thyme down your throat. Therefore, the most natural aphtha treatment for aphthae in the throat is carbonate, especially when you mix baking soda with a cup of water and put it in your mouth.