What is Butt Aesthetics (Gluteoplasty)? How Much It Costs

All surgical aesthetic procedures performed without damaging the waist, legs, and thighs, especially the line under the butt, are called butt aesthetics.

What is Butt Aesthetics (Gluteoplasty)? How Much It Costs

Butt aesthetics, also called gluteoplasty, is an aesthetic surgery that allows the hips to look fuller and lifted. All surgical aesthetic procedures performed without damaging the waist, legs, and thighs, especially the line under the butt, are called butt aesthetics.

Beauty, which is a relative concept, varies considerably for everyone. Especially the shape, volume, and appearance of some parts of the human body also affect this understanding. The hips, the essential part of the female figure in creation, can sometimes attract even more attention than the breasts. There are some criteria that many of us accept when it comes to "butt beauty" most of the time. The size and shape of the buttocks, which are proportional to the body, and have a prominent and rounded appearance when viewed from the side, are the most desired butt volume and shape.

Who is the Right Candidate for Butt Aesthetics?

As plastic surgery progresses, it is easier to reshape and beautify many parts of our body, from the hips to the toe or the face to the abdomen. If we have a slender physique, most of the time, unfortunately, our butt has a flat appearance and shape. Butt aesthetic surgery will be ideal for us, especially if we want our butt to be more prominent when we wear trousers.

When we gain or lose weight significantly, a significant sagging and flattening occur in our butt area. If this situation is uncomfortable for us, we can have a beautiful butt with hip aesthetics. The largest group among those who have had this surgical procedure consists of people who are not satisfied with their hips after weight loss.

Sometimes genetic features can upset us by causing deformations in our bodies. If the angle that our butt makes with our waist is wide, our butt can have a very vague appearance when viewed from the side. To have a more rounded and raised butt compared to our body, we can give our butt a pleasant appearance with aesthetic body methods.

How is Butt Aesthetics Performed and Which Techniques Are Used?

1) Butt Lift with Stitches:

Although it gives a distinctive appearance to the butt at first, it loses its effect in a short time, like three months. For this reason, it is not a preferred method in terms of hip aesthetics.

2) Silicone Buttock Replacement Surgery:

A pocket is created in both butt halves with a surgical cut made from where both butt halves meet. Silicone prostheses, which are more complex than breast prostheses, are placed in these pockets. For this reason, sitting and standing right after the surgery may cause some trouble for a short time. Buttock aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes about 2.5 – 3 hours on average. The risk of inflammation is high due to the location of the surgical cut. Therefore, hygiene is essential after surgery.

3) Buttock Shaping with Fat Injection:

It is preferred more often because it is a much more natural method. After about 1-1.5 years, some of the fatty tissue is lost. If this happens, it can be repeated afterward. In addition, some techniques have been developed with recent studies on fat injection. Thus, the possibility of permanent fat cells is increased. Buttock shaping with fat injection is performed under general anesthesia, and the average operation time is 1-2 hours. After the operation, it is necessary to wear a unique corset for about two weeks.

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4) Buttock Augmentation with Filling:

Beautifying the butt with fillers is one of the most popular applications recently. However, we do not recommend it. Before this plastic surgery, which is a critical surgical intervention, the method of buttock aesthetics and the choice of doctor are more critically important. If something goes wrong with the surgery, it might be irreversible. 

How Much is Butt Aesthetics? 

Butt (hip) aesthetics prices may vary according to the specialist doctor's analyses on the patient's body and butt region and the surgical procedures that will be determined and performed afterward. Because, for the patient to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance with butt aesthetics, it may be necessary to perform surgical procedures on the waist, legs, and thighs.

To get detailed information about butt aesthetics fees, you should first contact a specialist aesthetic and plastic surgeon. Today, especially women's desire to have smooth and firm buttocks has made hip aesthetic surgery necessary. We recommend that you get essential information about all the pre- and post-operative processes from the doctors who are experts in buttock aesthetics instead of the information that does not reflect the truth shared on the internet.