What is Hot Yoga? 6 Proven Benefits for Hot Yoga
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What is Hot Yoga? 6 Proven Benefits for Hot Yoga

Unlike regular yoga, hot yoga done at 40 degrees is challenging and good for health. From heart health to flexibility, hot yoga has many benefits. While doing hot yoga, you should not forget to consume plenty of water and do it on an empty stomach. Having a full stomach can cause digestive problems. As long as you keep these two points in mind, there is no reason why you should not enjoy the benefits of hot yoga.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a type of yoga done in a room brought to 40 degrees with 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises. Aiming to expel toxins and excess weight from the body by sweating, hot yoga should be done for 1-1.5 hours.


How to Do Hot Yoga?

  • There are 26 different yoga postures performed back-to-back in 1 or 1.5 hours.
  • The study first starts with the breathing technique. Breathing should be taken through the nose and exhaled through the mouth.
  • After the breathing technique, hot yoga continues with standing postures. These poses, which can be pretty challenging, include a one-leg stance movement.
  • Since the movements are performed in a warm environment, the person also wakes up to drink plenty of water, and therefore, one should consume a lot of water during, before, and after yoga.
  • It is important to perform yoga movements on an empty stomach. The environmental conditions and the fact that the movements are pretty tricky make yoga even more complicated if the movements are done on a full stomach. It can also cause the person to live with digestive system problems.

6 Proven Benefits for Hot Yoga

1) Increases elasticity and balance

Given that many of the 26 yoga postures in hot yoga strengthen and tone your body, it should come as no surprise that they increase elasticity and balance. Muscles stretch more efficiently in a warm environment, and warmth improves blood flow and circulation. Therefore, both your risk of injury decreases, and your muscles gain more flexibility and mobility.

2) Good for heart health

According to studies, people who practice hot yoga have a decrease in heart atherosclerosis and insulin resistance. In addition, hot yoga helps prevent heart diseases like regular yoga.

3) Reduces stress

Practicing hot yoga regularly can reduce your stress levels. Hot yoga has a positive effect on your mental and physical health by providing mental clarity.

4) Good for bones

Hot yoga can prevent osteoporosis and even treat osteoporosis. Practicing hot yoga prevents age-related decline in bone density and may increase bone density in some people. It is also a safe yoga practice for pre-menopausal women.

5) Reduces anxiety and improves mood

Hot yoga helps to clear your mind and concentrate. It also increases nerves preventing depression. Stretching during yoga poses releases endorphins and increases the level of oxygen in the blood. All these improve your mood and keep bad states like depression and anxiety away.

6) Lowers blood pressure

Studies show that increasing body temperature lowers blood pressure and protects the heart against diseases. Hot yoga practiced at 40 degrees can also provide these benefits.