What Should Blemished Skin Pay Attention to in Summer?

What Should Blemished Skin Pay Attention to in Summer?

Skin spots are a big problem for a healthy, energetic, and natural appearance. One of the periods in which the spots caused by different reasons increase most frequently is the summer months. In this period, when the sun is intense, the increase in freckles and spots can pose a big problem for your beauty. People with freckled and blemished skin need to be extra careful during the period between May and September. If you have problematic skin and it gets worse during the summer months, some precautions you can take will make your life easier. Spot treatment applications are also the way to achieve healthily and renewed skin.

What is Skin Blemish?

The dark areas formed on the skin due to excessive and irregular production of melanocyte cells, which make each person have a different skin color, are called skin spots. Many different factors are effective in the formation of stains. It is a skin problem caused by the melanocyte cell structure, which deteriorates and loses its natural properties due to these reasons.

Not only does it cause an aesthetically bad appearance, but some of them are also caused by diseases. 

Blemish Types:

Acne: It is a problem that occurs especially during adolescence and is caused by excessive oil production. It may appear as acne, blackheads, and white-colored comedones. Many factors, from stress to excessive make-up, are influential in its formation.

Melasma: These are dark spots that frequently occur on the nose, mustache area, forehead, and cheeks and are caused by the use of chemicals and the effect of the sun.

Vitiligo: Genetic disease whose cause cannot be determined precisely and manifests as white spots.

Sunspot: It is a sun-induced problem larger than freckle spots and is permanent if no precautions are taken.

Freckle: It is a type of stain formed by melanocyte cells that collect to a point due to sensitivity in people with light skin.

Birthmark: It is a type of stain that can appear when you are first born or later, and whose size and color tone varies according to the person.

Blemish Caused by Skin Rash: The color change becomes permanent due to skin disorders such as eczema, rose, and psoriasis.

Why Does Skin Blemish Occur?

Many different factors are influential in the formation of skin spots that can be seen in men and women, and it is necessary to improve the causative factors before treatment. Some of the factors that cause skin spots are listed;

  • After applying hair removal methods such as waxing and razor in the summer months, going directly to the sun can cause it.
  • It may occur due to not taking protective measures and carelessness after a procedure that causes damage to the skin surface, such as peeling.
  • Spotting may also occur due to some medications you use and diseases you have had.
  • If you have genetically prone and sensitive skin, you are more likely to get blemishes.
  • Hormones changing during pregnancy and hormonal treatments are also factors that affect the formation of spots.
  • The use of cosmetic products that have expired, stale, deteriorated, and make-up materials with poor quality and harmful ingredients can also cause.
  • It may occur due to external factors (sun) damage to the skin structure, which is damaged due to excessive oily, spicy and unbalanced nutrition.
  • Malnutrition, drinking less water, and having harmful habits (alcohol, smoking) can also cause staining.

Why Do Skin Spots Increase in Summer?

During the summer months, when the sun is at a right angle and the temperature rises, there is too much ultraviolet light exposure and an increase in melanin production, which causes the skin to tan. Due to the unbalanced increase in melanin, skin spots may occur, and its permanence increases. There is a risk of permanent staining due to wrong choices, such as choosing night products that are not suitable for exposure to sunlight in the use of moisturizer for stained skin. Even if you have not experienced a problem due to the reaction of the cosmetic products used in the winter months with sunlight, not paying attention to it in the summer months may damage your skin.

Summer Precautions For Blemishes

What to do to prevent skin spots in summer? The question is essential to protect your beauty. Sunscreen creams are the leading methods to prevent the formation and proliferation of skin blemishes. The best sunscreen for blemished skin provides protection, creates an extra layer, and prevents the increase and formation of dark spots. You can use it in all seasons by choosing the one suitable for your skin among the products with high SPF value. Protective cream should be used in summer and winter, and the frequency of regeneration should be adjusted according to the sun’s intensity. Some suggestions:

  • It is recommended to avoid prolonged and unprotected sunbathing and solarium.
  • If burns and skin peeling occur due to the sun, you should go out to the sun again after being treated with the ointments you received from the doctor, and you should prefer long and covering clothes until then.
  • It is important to avoid applying deodorant, perfume, cologne, and body sprays to areas directly exposed to the sun. Especially if the armpits will be open, deodorants should be applied hours before going out in the sun or at night.
  • After epilation and care procedures, you should wait 24 hours before going out in the sun, and if you have to, you should wear covering clothes, a hat, and glasses.
  • If you are using drugs that cause sun sensitivity, it is recommended to be extra careful.

How to Choose Sunscreen?

Due to the damage to the ozone layer, rays that are good for living things and bad ones reach the world in large quantities. Since UVA and UVB rays carry the harmful effects of the sun, you can take precautions against possible future health problems by protecting your skin, hair, and eyes every season. Some tips you can consider when choosing products that protect you from harmful rays;

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the protective product, which acts as a mask for stained skin and wraps the skin in a layer, has a high factor.
  • You can choose SPF 50+ in summer and SPF 15+ and 30+ in winter according to your skin tone and skin sensitivity.
  • When deciding between water and oil-based products, you can consider your skin type and tanning desire.
  • You should use high-factor products, especially after skincare and laser sessions in summer, and renew them in a short time.

Spot Treatment Procedures in Summer

  • You can try at-home treatment by being extra careful in choosing facial cleansing gels and other products for blemished skin and making sound decisions that are fit for purpose. There are cosmetic products with lightening properties, such as tonics and masks for blemished skin. This cosmetic product lightens the blemish and is generally preferred for home use; its effect is light but easy to apply. It is recommended to stay away from using these products in the summer months as they may cause sensitivity.
  • It is recommended to seek help from a specialist who knows his job, as the wrong product selection and application at the wrong time can cause the stain to increase and deepen. Since the causes of freckles, sunspots, and other darkening are different, their structures and treatments also vary. Some of the methods applied for intense spots and freckles are as follows;
  • Although a few laser treatment sessions are usually sufficient for freckles, it is recommended to take preventive measures to prevent a recurrence.
  • The light peeling application can be preferred in the treatment of melasma, that is, birthmark.
  • Fractional CO2 laser, carbon and chemical peeling, carbon mask, Baby Face Beauty applications help you to get a healthy appearance and remove stains in a short time when applied by expert hands.