Why Do Pores On Our Skin Occur? How To Tighten Pores On the Skin?

Pores, caused by many different reasons in men and women, cause the skin to look imperfect and older and cause a rough appearance when applying makeup. There are some methods used for pore tightening and prevention of reoccurrence. To deal with the problem, first learning the cause and what happened and then resorting to a solution reduces the possibility of renewal.

Why Do Pores On Our Skin Occur? How To Tighten Pores On the Skin?

What is a Pore?

The pores at the bottom of each hair follicle are the slots that allow the skin to breathe and maintain its moisture and shine. The volume of the hair follicles creates micro-sized sockets, or pits, on the skin. The pore slot is opened along with the hair that extends to the fat layer under the skin, depending on its thickness.

The pores are the surface of the body fluids in the lower layer of the skin, the entry of oxygen from the surface; It allows the liquid called sebum, which is essential for oil balance, to reach the skin surface and look healthy.

The secret to bright and youthful-looking skin lies in the pores. Tight and clean pores prevent damage to the skin surface, giving you a natural look. The presence of pores and their non-clogging are significant for the regeneration of the skin. The clogged pores should be opened with the cleaning method, allowing oxygen to reach the subcutaneous layers.

What is the Effect of Large Pores on the Skin?

So, why do pores, which are necessary for the skin’s health, become a problem? Due to many different reasons, the pores cannot maintain their original form over time and expand. Enlarged pores are very suitable for external influence. You lose your healthy appearance since oil and dirt accumulate in the pits and cause blackheads and acne. When the size of the enlarged pores is large, a perforated and rough appearance occurs on the skin.

Just like when you hammer thick nails into wood and then remove them, there is a hole left; you can think of the skin in this way. The pore slots are opened according to the nail thickness. The pores, which make the makeup look bad and cause roughness, can become more and more annoying by expanding over time. To always have tight and small pores, you need to treat your skin well.

Why Do Skin Pores Open?

If the skin around the pore becomes excessively oily and loses its elasticity, the pit expands. The increase in the volume and number of hairs, the increase in the dirt accumulated in the skin due to the inability to clean the face, excessive makeup, and not washing in time are why the pores are opened excessively.

The pores formed due to the root (follicle) and size of the hairs surrounding the human body may expand over time for different reasons. Hair follicles contain sebaceous glands that produce oil, and it rises to the surface through the pore. According to the oil rate produced by the sebaceous glands, your skin becomes oily, mixed, and dry.

Especially the combination of makeup with dirt is known to affect the volume of the pores negatively, and not cleaning the blockages promptly causes the skin to stretch. Excessive oily foods, the use of cosmetic materials that are not suitable for the skin type, and genetic reasons are among the reasons for the growth of pores. If people have skin that is genetically prone to lubrication or large pores, this causes the appearance to deteriorate.

Excess sun exposure without using sunscreen, alcohol and cigarette consumption, sleeping with make-up, not having the habit of washing face, and being overweight can be counted among the causes of pore enlargement. Especially the cheeks, the nose, and the forehead are areas where the pores are prone to enlargement. Uncleansed skin tends to enlarge the pores to breathe.

How are the pores on the skin closed?

The pores that you are uncomfortable with the appearance of are usually the ones that become apparent because they are enlarged. It is not possible to completely close and destroys the pores, and it is not healthy either. The subcutaneous layers need pores to meet their oxygen needs and remove excess fluids. Due to their small size, their appearance does not disturb people under normal conditions. It should be applied to tighten, not to close.

Before applying make-up, a smooth surface can be prepared by filling the pores on the skin surface with a make-up base in short-term use, but it must be cleaned in the evening. If you want to compress; There are herbal, dermo-cosmetic, and chemical ways you can apply.

By keeping the skin soft and clean, you can stop the enlargement of the pores. You need to make different applications to tighten the enlarged ones again. First of all, deep cleaning of the skin and then renewing the skin surface with various applications are the methods of closing / narrowing the pores.

How to Clean the Pores on the Skin?

When you clean your skin at home as a daily routine, the pores are also mostly cleansed. When the pores are enlarged due to improper care and the use of the wrong products, extra procedures may be required to clean them. If you want to clean your pores at home, you can use natural masks and herbal mixtures. First of all, you can wash your face with natural soaps and remove the dirt; then, you can reduce the appearance of pores by using natural masks.

Having skincare helps to open the pores as it provides deep cleaning. It removes different elements such as dirt, blackhead residues, dead skin, oil deposits from your skin, making it easier to breathe. Getting professional skin cleaning and care services at regular intervals is a step to reduce pores’ appearance.

What to Do for Skin Pores?

There are some tips you can refer to improve the appearance of skin pores. If these are listed;

  • If you have oily and combination skin, it is necessary to turn to water-based products to create more sebum and achieve balance. Oily products increase the amount of fluid that fills the pit, causing it to expand even more. It is also recommended that people with oily skin prefer gel ones instead of moisturizing cream-form cleansers.
  • Washing your face in the morning and evening and taking a shower frequently keeps your skin clean and reduces the appearance of pores caused by dirt.
  • By peeling applications every 4, 7, and 10 days according to your skin type, you can peel the top layer of the skin and benefit from its stimulating effect to renew itself.
  • You can get rid of dead skin, sweat, and dirt residues by exfoliating with products containing salicylic and fruit acids. You can also add a natural clay mask to your cleaning routine at regular intervals.
  • No matter your skin type, you should use a moisturizer suitable for you daily and ensure that the skin softens. One of the applications that are thought to prevent permanent damage by increasing elasticity and keeping the pores open is moisturizing.
  • You should not neglect to use protective sunscreens/lotions in any season to prevent skin dryness and reduce blemish formation. In addition, you can protect your skin by using a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses during the summer months.

What are Pore Tightening Applications?

If you have overly enlarged pores and want to get rid of them, you can choose some beauty treatments. These; carbon peeling, babe face beauty, fractional laser, dermapen, chemical peeling.

Carbon Peeling: It peels off the skin surface by reducing the dead skin, and the appearance of the pores decreases in the process of renewing the top layer.

Baby Face Beauty: It is an application that initiates the internal regeneration process by sending supportive fluids under the skin through microchannels.

Fractional Laser: Since it is a laser application that supports collagen production by deeply peeling the skin surface, it gives fast results in pore treatment.

Dermapen: The application that stimulates the skin with micro-needles and uses hyaluronic acid and serums as support is one of the most frequently used ways in pore treatment.

Chemical Peeling: According to different peeling degrees, the layers are peeled according to the skin’s needs, and the pores are tight on the renewed skin.