Why Does My Car Pull to the Right? How To Fix It

Why Does My Car Pull to the Right? How To Fix It

If your car pulls to the right, it is a big problem for the driver. Most importantly, it is risky to drive the car. It is tough to decide which part causes the problem before taking your car to the maintenance. It is possible to list the reasons for the car pulling to one side as follows:

Tire Pressure Disproportion

If the car pulls to the right, check the tire pressure immediately. If one side is inflated and the other is dimmer, the vehicle will pull to one side. Specifications for correct pressure are found in the driver's manual or the tire inflation fields.

Wrong Wheel Setting

Wheel setting is among the clearest determinants in this regard. If incorrectly adjusted, the vehicle will pull to one side while driving. According to the owner’s manual, the wheel must be in the center position, and the tires must be at the right angle to contact the road.

Brake System Problems

If there is a problem with the vehicle’s brake system, it will pull to one side while driving. Mechanical expert support is required here. Brake complications that can cause the vehicle to pull to the right or the left can be listed as follows:

  • A stuck caliper
  • Dry pins
  • Narrowed brake hose

Torque Control Issues

Here are more reasons that may cause the vehicle to pull to the right or left:

  • It could be a loose steering element.
  • It could be a faulty lower control arm bushing.
  • There may be a damaged motor mount.
  • It can be a flexible tie rod.
  • The ball bearing may be worn.

Bad Steering Link

Problems in the steering linkage can also cause the vehicle to behave uncontrollably while driving. Sometimes more comprehensive solutions such as steering wheel replacement may be needed. If you feel that there is a problem in the reactions related to the steering wheel, you control the vehicle; get expert support immediately.

Wheel Bearing Problems

Bearings make the wheel spin smoothly. But sometimes, there can be a problem here. If the bearing is worn, the vehicle pulls to one side. Wheel bearing repair, that is, bearing correction, is a job that requires expertise, and you should get professional support.

Suspension Issues

If there is a problem with the suspension, l the vehicle pulls to the right. It even becomes difficult to control the vehicle. The suspension structure consists of ball joints, control arms, struts, shocks, and bushings that can wear out over time. You can prevent such problems by having your vehicle regularly serviced.

If your vehicle is pulling to the right, take it seriously and schedule a service appointment right away because the problem of pulling the vehicle to one side can cause very serious consequences, especially when you are driving at high speed.