Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

Why Does My Steering Wheel Shake?

Steering wheel shaking while driving has happened to almost everyone. Sometimes the problem can be solved simply as tightening a bolt; sometimes, it can be much more complicated. The steering wheel may vibrate while driving or just when you use the brakes. This can be caused by the suspension system, braking system, tires, and other reasons. So what could be causing the steering wheel shake? Here is why:

Bad Balance Adjustment

If the balancing of the wheels is not done correctly or the tire balance deteriorates, the vehicle may pull to the right or left, and the steering wheel may vibrate.

Bad Wheel Adjustment

If the wheel alignment is out of order or not correctly, steering wheel vibration is also seen. Wheel alignment ensures the correct alignment of the wheels.

Bearing Issues

Since the bearings that enable the wheels to turn are connected to the axle and hub assembly, they directly affect the drive shaft, causing the steering to vibrate when they do not work properly.

Suspension System Issues

One of the most common causes of shaking the steering wheel is suspension system malfunctions. Well, what happens in the suspension system, the vehicle vibrates.

  • There may be wear on the suspension parts.
  • Components in the suspension system may have loose connections.
  • There may be a problem with the driveshaft.

Brake Problems

If the steering wheel shakes when you apply the brake, it can be said that there is a problem with the brake. Brake problems that can cause steering vibration are usually the followings:

  • Worn brake pads,
  • Loose connections in the brake system
  • Bad brake discs

Engine Ear Problems

Let's first explain what a motor mount is. This part absorbs engine vibrations and road shocks. However, if there is a problem with the engine mount, it will cause the steering wheel to shake

Tires’ Tread Problems

If the tires’ tread is worn and has expired, this can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. Tire replacement is required urgently.

Inclined Wheels

Bending the wheels can cause steering wheel vibration. Since the rim is tilted, the wheels have difficulty applying this command when the steering wheel is turned in one direction.